Wade is from Birmingham, AL and a graduate of Samford University where he received a degree in Business Finance. He also received his Master of Divinity from Southwestern Seminary in Fort Worth, TX.

Wade is the founder and producer of The Journey Bible Study Series, a study that walks people though the reading and understanding from books of the Bible. What started in a Starbucks with 14 people has developed into a personal as well as small group Bible study tool for people in America, Japan, Europe, South Korea and counting. The Journey allows listeners to gain knowledge of the Word of God as well as a chance to apply it to their lives.



Pastor Jordan Easley lives in Cleveland, TN where he became the Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church in August 2018. He’s also served as the Senior Pastor at Englewood Baptist Church in Jackson, TN. Jordan has written for Lifeway and in 2013, B&H published his first book, Life Change, and his second book, Resuscitating Evangelism is set to release in January of 2020. Jordan recently served as the Chairman of the Young Leader Advisory Council & was also on the Evangelism Task force for the SBC. He also serves as a Trustee for the IMB.

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Bryan Drake is a Christian illusionist who tours throughout the world entertaining audiences and sharing a Christ-centered message. Using illusions and mentalism, Bryan Drake gets inside of your head. Bryan not only entertains any group, but presents a clear message on Truth. Bryan is from Mobile, AL and is married to Karla.  They have two busy little girls who keeps them on their toes!

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Formed in 2005, Rush of Fools began traveling as a simple worship band and writing songs together. Something that had started out as a hobby quickly expanded into a long-term mission and calling, which led them to an album of songs in 2007. Their song Undo was being heard on radio stations everywhere. Quickly, their part-time career evolved into a full national touring schedule. They began writing new songs, reflecting the journeys they had recently experienced, and it felt as if they were starting all over again, in an amazing way. Rush of Fools partnered with a new record label (Essential Records), and now they feel like they are at the beginning of not just a new season, but also a new outlook. They now know, more than ever, that God carried them then, and God will carry them now, (which is the title of the latest album, Carry Us Now.  The hands of Jesus that carried the cross to His death are the very hands that carry us now. And that’s the story they live to tell.

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